André Rochat's legacy continues for a brand-new generation of food lovers. Owned and operated by, Stacked Hospitality, the newest location returns André to his roots by becoming his first neighborhood restaurant opening since the debut of his eponymous, groundbreaking restaurant in 1980 in Downtown Las Vegas. Andre's Bistro & Bar blends French Bistro and American Tavern cuisine for dinner, happy hour and weekend brunch—all served in an intimate, neighborhood setting.

"We're honored to be the keepers of Andre's legacy as we preserve the high standards he set while entering into a new chapter for our organization," says Joseph Marsco, managing partner, Stacked Hospitality. "Guests will love the inviting, neighborhood ambiance and incredible food at great price points. Meanwhile, guests who have loved Andre's cuisine through the years will immediately recognize our nods to classic Andre's dishes served with new and innovative twists." 

Under the guidance of Stacked Hospitality, Andre's Bistro & Bar blends the world of classic culinary techniques with the social dining expectations of the modern diner.